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Want to save money on high fuel costs?

Convert your car to run on LPG and experience the benefits.

LPG conversion specialists in Rotorua

At KM Motors we are the experts in LPG conversion and can transform almost all petrol engine cars to run on LPG. For LPG conversion in Rotorua, get in touch with us today.

LPG benefits

When you switch to LPG you will experience:

How to convert to LPG

All kits have a storage LPG tank in the boot or under body and a doughnut tank in the spare wheel well.

The gas is fed through the LPG line to the engine compartment as a liquid, where the pressure is reduced and it is transformed into gas.

For the greatest savings, cutting edge systems are now injecting LPG directly into the intake manifold. For ease and convenience, we can remove, reuse and reprogrammed on another vehicle of choice.